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Our Winning Philosophy
By focusing on our company missions and abiding by our core values, we hope to achieve a happy and productive work environment with continuous growth opportunities for our employees; an improvement in sales and profits for our vendor partners; a sustainable long term growth for our customers; saved time and money for our consumers; empowerment to help those in need through charity and social responsibility; and decrease of waste by using eco-friendly products to help the environment.

Inksters of America, Inc. recognizes that each individual brings their own unique capabilities, experience and characteristics to work and that is why we value such diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do. Inksters success is a reflection of the talent and skill of its workforce and is committed to seeking out and maintaining the best talent to ensure top business growth and performance.
We make every effort to create and promote a supportive and understanding environment in which all of you realize your greatest potential within the company, in spite of your differences. We are committed to employing the finest talent to do the best job possible in order to enable our business and business partners to succeed.

Inksters of America, Inc. offers comprehensive benefits to all employees.
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